Ce BaF2 Scintillator Crystals Attractive For Ray Detection Light Charged Particles

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CRYLINK
Certification: Iso9001
Model Number: CRYLINK-Ce BaF2 Scintillator Crystal
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pieces
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Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks
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Supply Ability: 100 pieces /month
Detail Information
Name: Ce:BaF2 Density (g/cm3): 4.893
Melting Point (℃): 1386 Hardness (Mho): 3
Hygroscopic: Slightly Cleavage: <111>
High Light:

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lutetium yttrium oxyorthosilicate

Product Description

BaF2, the fastest known scintillator, is a very attractive material for -ray detection and light charged particles.The BaF2 doped with rare earth ions, such as the Ce3+ ion, can suppress the slow components. Ce:BaF2, a reasonably fast, efficient and rugged scintillator characterized by a reasonable stopping power, good matching refraction index and availability of large size crystals, was first proposed in 1977 as a substitute for BaF2, which it is also the most efficient of all the rare-earth-doped alkaline earth fluorides.

Ce:BaF2 Scintillator Crystal— A reasonably fast and rugged scintillator

BaF2 has a decay time of less than 1 ns, which makes it unique among the high-Z scintillators and consequently very attractive for many applications where good timing is important. BaF2 has a low refractive index of about 1.478 at a wavelength of 500 nm and can be relatively easily matched with a proper polymeric matrix. Moreover, BaF2’s conversion of light for ionising radiation is quite linear with energy. However, the integrated intensity of the fast component is low and the emission spectrum of BaF2 contains an exciton band with undesirably long decay time. This problem can be solved by the introduction of an activator, which transforms the exciton emission into the faster activator luminescence. Trivalent cerium has been became a natural choice for the activator, because the Ce3+ ion has a fairly short decay time. Ce:BaF2 scintillator is a well-known, reasonably fast and efficient scintillator characterized by a decent stopping power and availability of large size crystals. Bulk single crystalline Ce:BaF2 have been used as traditional scintillators for gamma ray detection.

Material features
Chemical formula Ce:BaF2
Density (g/cm3) 4.893
Melting point (℃) 1386
Hardness (Mho) 3
Hygroscopic slightly
Cleavage <111>
Lattice Constant (nm) 0.6196
Solubility(g/100gH2O) 0.17
Thermal expansion coeff (C-1) 18.4*10-6
Thermal conductivity coeff (W/mk) 11.72

Scintillator properties

Wavelength (Max. Emission) (nm) 310
Wavelength range(nm) 170-460
Decay time(ns) 630(slow);0.87/0.88(fast)
Light yield(photons/keV) 10(slow);1.9(fast)
Refractive index 1.49@310nm

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