Ce:LuAG Scintillator Crystals

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Model Number: CRYLINK-Ce:LuAG Scintillator Crystal
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High Light:

cerium doped yttrium aluminum garnet


lutetium yttrium oxyorthosilicate

Product Description

Ce:LuAG Scintillator Crystal—A scintillation material suitable for high-power laser lighting
Cerium-activated LuAG was proposed as a proper candidate scintillator and a potential phosphor to make white light-emitting diodes. Single crystal Ce:LuAG has better detection rate than isostructural cerium-activated yttrium aluminum garnet (Ce:YAG) because of its higher density and higher effective atomic number. Ce:LuAG was significantly better than the other phosphors with respect to the thermal quenching. In addition, the luminescence spectrum of Ce:LuAG contains a large enough green component. Ce:LuAG single crystals are also widely used as scintillation detectors for γ-rays and high energy particles. The latest generation Ce:LuAG crystal shows a high light yield up to 26,000 pH/MeV, which has been considered as potential candidate in PET scanners due to the six times shorter decay time and almost identical density. Besides, Ce:LuAG has excellent physical and chemical performances and optical isotropy, making it a potential optical host material.

During last two decades, white-light sources has advanced rapidly and show great potential to replace conventional lighting sources like incandescent, fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps. It is essential for color converters for white-light sources to possess a high thermal conductivity, high reliability, and low thermal quenching. Ce:LuAG color converters are suitable for high-power laser lighting. It is an effective way to reduce the thermal quenching of phosphor is to use Ce:LuAG phosphor as well as achieving a higher color rendering index (CRI). Meanwhile, based on high density, high effective atomic number, short decay time and excellent energy resolution, Ce:LuAG single crystals are widely used as scintillation detectors for γ-rays and high energy particles.



  • High density
  • High effective atomic number
  • Short decay time
  • Excellent energy resolution
  • Excellent physical and chemical performances
  • Optical isotropy


  • High-performance solid laser
  • White light-emitting diodes (WLEDs)
  • High-power laser lighting
  • High resolution X-ray imaging
  • PET scanners



Material features


Chemical formula Ce: Lu3Al5O12
Density (g/cm3) 6.73
Melting point (℃) 2020
Hardness (Mho) 8.5
Hygroscopic No
Cleavage No
Solubility (g/100gH2O) N/A
Thermal expansion coeff (C-1)


Scintillator properties


Wavelength (Max. Emission) (nm) 535
Wavelength range (nm) 475-800
Decay time (ns) 70
Light yield (photons/keV) 25
Refractive index 1.84@633nm
Radiation length (cm) 1.3
Optical transmission (um) TBA
Transmittance (%) TBA
Reflection loss/surface (%) TBA
Light output relative to Nal(Tl) (%) 20
Energy resolution (%) <8
Neutron capture cross-section (barns) TBA


Ce-LuAG emission spectrumCe-LuAG light yieldCe-LuAG normalization decay curves


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