PET Detector Scintillator Crystals / Ce LYSO Crystal With Fast Decay Time

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PET Detector Scintillator Crystals


Ce LYSO Crystal


Ce LYSO Scintillator Crystal

Product Description

Ce:LYSO have become the most commonly used scintillators in PET detector design studies since the early 2000s, as they offer a good trade off among the aforementioned factors.The continuing demand for better image quality, shorter scan time, and lower radiation dose to the patient has resulted in ongoing research in the field of positron emission tomography (PET) .The design of a PET scanner is specially challenging since it should not compromise high spatial resolution, high sensitivity, high count-rate capability, and good energy and time resolution. Scintillators with fast decay time characteristics have always been the radiation detection materials pursued by high-energy physics experiments, nuclear physics and positron emission tomography. They are beneficial for high count rate and time resolution of nanosecond and sub-nanosecond orders.

Ce:LYSO Scintillator Crystal—A non-hygroscopic high performance scintillator
Cerium doped LYSO crystals coupled to SiPMs have been widely incorporated into PET systems recently and promising results have been reported. Ce:LYSO is a inorganic scintillation crystal with good comprehensive performance, its luminous decay time is short, high light yield, the gamma ray with strong stopping power, at the same time, physical and chemical performance is stable, not deliquesce in the air, has been widely applied in nuclear medicine imaging, nuclear radiation measurement, safety inspection, etc. Ce:LYSO is a mixed LSO/YSO non-hygroscopic crystal that offers high density (7.1,10%Y), high light output (26000–30000 ph/MeV), good energy resolution( ~10%) and short decay time (40 ns). We are focusing on providing high performance scintillation crystals for our customers according to their requirements.



  • High density
  • High light yield
  • Short decay time
  • Excellent energy resolution
  • Stable physical and chemical properties
  • Non-hygroscopic


  • PET
  • X-ray medical image
  • Nuclear physics
  • Gamma-rays detection
  • Nuclear radiation measurement
  • Safety inspection


Material features


Chemical formula Ce: LYSO
Density (g/cm3) 7.15
Melting point (℃) 2050
Hardness (Mho) 5.8
Hygroscopic No
Cleavage No
Solubility (g/100gH2O) N/A
Crystal structure Mono
Thermal expansion coeff(C-1) 7.0*10-6

Scintillator properties


Wavelength(Max. emission) (nm) 410
Wavelength range (nm) TBA
Decay time (ns) 40
Light yield (photons/keV) 25
Light output relative to Nal(Tl) (%) 75
Refractive index 1.82@410nm
Radiation length (cm) 1.1
Optical transmission (um) TBA
Transmittance (%) TBA
Reflection loss/surface (%) TBA
Energy resolution (%) 8
Neutron capture cross-section (barns) TBA
Anti-radiation 1*108


Ce-LYSO Absorption spectraCe-LYSO Excitation spectraCe-LYSO Transmission

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