N31 Nd Phosphate Glass For High Power Laser Facility High Energy Storage

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CRYLINK
Certification: Iso9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pieces
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Packaging Details: Carton
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Supply Ability: 100 pieces /month
Detail Information
Name: N31 Nd:Glass Nd2O3 (wt%): 3.5
Nd3+ Conc.(1020ions/cm3): 3.4±0.1 Cross Section For Stimulated Emission(10-20cm2): 3.8±0.1
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er yb glass


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N31 phosphate glass is specially developed for high power laser facility. N31 is a good material which has the characteristics of high energy storage, large excitation cross section and long fluorescence lifetime. It is also easy to prepare glass with large size and good optical uniformity, so it is widely used in high-power laser systems. At present, it has been successfully applied in Shen Guangand Shen Guangsystems.




Laser Specifications
Nd2O3 (wt%) 3.5
Nd3+ conc.(1020ions/cm3) 3.4±0.1
Cross section for stimulated emission(10-20cm2) 3.8±0.1
Lifetime at 1053nm(sec) ≥370 (Nd2O3:0.5wt%)
≥360 (Nd2O3:1.2wt%)
≥315 (Nd2O3:3.5wt%)
≥310 (Nd2O3:4.2wt%)
Effective bandwidth(nm) 25.4
Fluorescence peak wavelength(nm) 1053
Absorption coefficient(cm-1) ≤0.0015(1053nm)



Optical Specifications
Non-linear refractive index coeff.n2(×10-13e.s.u) ≤1.2
Refracive index(1053nm) 1.535±0.003
Abbe value 65.6
dn/dt(10-6/℃)(20~100℃) -4.3



Thermal Specifications
Transformation temp.(℃) 445
Softening temp.(℃) 485
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K)(30~100℃) 116
Thermal coeff. Of optical path length(10-6/K)(50~100℃) 1.4
Thermal comductive (25℃)(W/Mk) 0.59
Specific heat(25℃)(J/Gk) 0.75



Other Specification
Density(g/cm3) 2.87
Young’s modulus(Gpa) 58.3
Posson’ rayio 0.26
Knoop hardness(kg/cm2) 404
Fracture toughness(Mpa.m1/2) 0.58





*The homogeneeity is about 2×10-6

  • Feature
  • High energy storage
  • Large excitation cross section
  • Long fluorescence lifetime
  • Low coefficient of nonlinearity
  • High damage threshold
  • High-power laser systems

Mainly used for inertial confinement fusion physics experimental researchcan provide nearly 200,000 joules, 60TW ultraviolet radiation source

  • Ultrashort pulse laser

Used for nonlinear laser microscopies practical, fiber-based, high-power, wideband sources and practical optical frequency comb system

  • Waveguide amplifier

Used for femtosecond laser writing method, optical communication

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