YCOB Crystal YCa4O(BO3)3 Nonlinear Crystal

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Detail Information
Name: YCOB(YCa4O(BO3)3) Crystal Structure: Monoclinic, Point Group M
Melting Point: About 1510C Mohs Hardness: 6~6.5
Density: 3.31 G/cm3 Orientation Tolerence: < 0.5°
High Light:

zinc germanium phosphide


mgo linbo3

Product Description

YCOB crystal is one of the most widely used nonlinear optical crystals. Its nonlinear optical coefficient is equivalent to that of BBO crystal and LBO crystal. The effective frequency multiplication coefficients of the second and third order reach 2, 8 and 1, 4 times of KDP respectively.The YCOB crystal has the following advantageslarge aperture, high damage intensity in femtosecond regime,about2000-2500GW/cm2 wide allowable Angle range and allowable temperature range,small dispersion Angle, shorter growth period by Cz method.At the same time, it has stable physical and chemical properties (non-deliquescent) and good machining properties. Therefore, it is considered to have good application prospects of blue-green light and UV band optical frequency multiplier crystal.
YCOB (YCa4O(BO3)3, Yttrium Calcium Oxyborate)—Nonlinear crystal considered to have good prospects of UV band optical frequency multiplier

One of the latest technical achievements connected with YCOB is the generation of 2.35-W CW green output ( = 532 nm) in a 1.2-cm-long crystal ( = 64.5, =35.5) via inter cavity SHG of a diode-array end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser (P = 5.6W). Another similar application is THG of NdYVO4 laser radiation. Using the KTP crystal for frequency doubling and a 1.1-cm-longYCOB crystal ( = 106, =77.2), the authors managed to obtain 124mW of quasi-CW light (pulse repetition frequency 20 kHz) at 355 nm.


Chemical and Physical properties

Crystal Structure Monoclinic, Point group m
Lattice Parameter a=8.0770 , b=16.0194 , c=3.5308 , =101.167, Z=2
Melting Point About 1510C
Mohs Hardness 6~6.5
Density 3.31 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 2.6 W/m/K (||X), 2.33 W/m/K (||Y), 3.1 W/m/K (||Z)
Orientation Tolerence < 0.5°
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance ±0.01 mm
Surface Flatness </8 @632nm
Wavefront Distortion </4 @632nm
Surface Quality 10/5
Parallel 30
Perpendicular 15
Clear Aperture >90%
Chamfer <0.2×45°
Experimental Values of Phase-matching Angle for SHG and SFG in Principal Planes of YCOB Crystal at T =293K,
Interacting wavelengths[m] pm [deg] pm [deg]
XY plane, =90°    
SHG,o+o e    
1.06420.5321 35  
0.73790.36895 77.3  
SHG, type I, along Y    
0.7240.362 90  
SFG, o+o e    
1.0642+0.53210.3547 73.4/74.8/75.2/75.3  
SHG, type II, along Y    
1.030.515 90  
SFG, e+o e    
1.9079+1.06420.6831 81.2  
YZ plane, =90    
SHG, e+e o    
0.73790.36895   66.9
SFG, e+e o    
1.0642+0.53210.3547   58.7/59.7/59.8/59.9
SHG, e+o o    
1.06420.5321   58.7/51.1/62.7
SFG, e+o o    
1.9079+1.06420.6831   73.5



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