IR Analytic 125nm Isometric CaF2 Fluoride Crystal

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Certification: Iso9001
Model Number: CRYLINK- CaF2 Fluoride Crystal
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Detail Information
Crystal System: Isometric Refractive Index: 1.432-1.436
Orientation: [100] Or [001] < ±0.5° Surface Quality: 10-5 (MIL-O-13830A
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CaF2 Fluoride Crystal


Isometric CaF2 Crystal


125nm Calcium Fluoride Crystal

Product Description

CaF2 Optical Crystal
Calcium fluoride(CaF2) is a very important optical functional crystal, which has good optical properties, mechanical properties and chemical stability. It can be used as optical crystal, laser crystal and inorganic scintillation crystal. It has a wide transmittance range (0.125-10 μm), and is widely used as optical medium from vacuum ultraviolet to mid infrared. CaF2 crystal is an ideal optical material for achromatic lenses because of its special refractive index and relative dispersion. At present, deep UV excimer laser lithography is developing from 193 nm to 121 nm. CaF2 single crystal has the advantages of good ultraviolet transmittance, high laser damage resistance threshold, low stress birefringence and high refractive index, which makes it the best choice for the research of deep UV excimer laser lithography. In terms of laser applications, laser diode pumped CaF2 crystals activated by Er3+, Tm3+, Yb3+ and other 3-valent rare earth ions were obtained at room temperature.
  • Excellent transmission from 125nm to 10um
  • Good optical properties, mechanical behavior and chemical stability
  • Anisotropy, soft and brittle, high coefficient of thermal expansion and easy cleavage
  • Special refractive index and relative dispersion value
  • Soluble in acids
  • Good ultraviolet transmittance, high laser damage resistance threshold, low stress birefringence and high refractive index



  • Optical crystal, laser crystal(IR, UV, VUV)
  • Optical media and optical material
  • Best material for the study of deep UV excimer laser lithography
  • Substrate, optical waveguide
  • IR analytic, astronomical-und camera lenses and optics for Excimer laser


Orientation [100] or [001] < ±0.5°
Orientation Tolerance < 0.5°
Parallelism <20〞
Surface Quality 10-5 (MIL-O-13830A)
Wavefront Distortion <λ/4@633 nm
Surface Flatness <λ/8 @633 nm
Clear Aperture >90%
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance

±0.05 mm


Crystal System Isometric
Habit Cubic, massive
Space Group Fm3m
Class (H-M) m3m (4/m 3 2/m) – Hexoctahedral
Lattice Constants 5.4626 Å
Z 4
Streak White
Density 3.175…3.56g/cm3
Melting Point 1418°C
Thermal Conductivity /(W·m-1·K-1@25°C) 9.71@[111]
Heat Capacity/(J ·(kg·K)-1) 854
Thermal Expansion /(10-6·K-1@25°C ) 18.9
Young`s Modulus /GPa 75.8
Tenacity Brittle
Cleavage Quality Perfect, perfect and easy
Hardness (Mohs) 4
Fracture Conchoidal



Transmission Range 0.125 – 10 µm
Refractive Index 1.432-1.436
Reflective Loss 2.89@4µm
Optical Character Isotropic
Surface Relief Moderate
Birefringence None
Pleochroism Absent
Dispersion 0.007
Poisson Ratio 0.29
Dielectric Constant 6.76



λ(μm) n λ(μm) n λ(μm) n
0.18 1.51 0.32 1.45 5.82 1.39
0.19 1.50 0.43 1.44 6.20 1.38
0.21 1.49 0.88 1.43 6.71 1.37
0.22 1.48 2.67 1.42 7.00 1.36
0.24 1.47 3.94 1.41 7.53 1.35
0.27 1.46 5.01 1.40 8.22 1.34


IR Analytic 125nm Isometric CaF2 Fluoride Crystal 0

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